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BlahBlahBlah (Pty) Limited, has invested countless inventive hours formulating the simplistic, elegant scented candles and related offerings available in this catalogue. 


We are a highly driven and creative team who excel at the art of candle making and scent infusion, grown from our love for candles, wicking and wax.  We are very proud to present a range of Body Lotion candles which simply surpass current designer candles available in the Southern African market. 


Our candles are hand-made with meticulous attention applied to manufacturing quality, to ensure that each and every product is bursting with luxurious scent .  Our vigorous testing ensures that each product’s scent is consistent and tireless quality control ensures that our high standards are never compromised. 

About our Products

Body Lotion Soy Candles

Indulge in the luxurious experience of our Body Lotion Soy coconut blend wax  Candles, crafted exclusively from our specially developed, in-house blend of wax. Our unique wax formula not only provides a fragrant ambiance but also transforms into a nourishing body lotion or oil when melted. Unlike typical soy candles, our proprietary blend allows for nearly double the fragrance load, ensuring a powerful and long-lasting scent throw for our fragranced candles. Safety instructions are meticulously included on all labels, and each product is sealed with a screw on lid and gasket to guarantee a sterile and high-quality experience for our valued customers. Additionally, our candles boast an above-average burn time, maximising the enjoyment of every moment. Our clients have reported that our candles aid with relief and in many cases to clear eczema, after only 1 month of use.


Wooden Top Diffusers:

Experience the essence of our Wooden Top Diffusers, featuring an impressive 200ml capacity—one of the largest in the South African market. Say goodbye to messy reeds, as our wooden top diffusers eliminate the need for turning or dealing with soggy reeds over time. Not only do our diffusers last 25-50% longer than traditional reed diffusers, but they also continue to disperse captivating fragrance into the air even after the oil is depleted.


Environmentally Conscious:

We take pride in our commitment to being cruelty-free, with none of our fragrances tested on animals. Our products are also UV Inhibitor and Paraffin-free, reflecting our dedication to creating eco-friendly options. Please note that our offerings are designed for a youthful audience, ensuring a vibrant and contemporary appeal.


Global Standards:

All our products come equipped with GS1 barcodes and are registered worldwide with GS1, underscoring our commitment to meeting international quality and safety standards

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