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Lemongrass Body Lotion Wax candle 200g

Introducing our opulent 200g Body Lotion Candle, a harmonious fusion of 100% soy wax, coconut wax, and coconut oil. Elevate your self-care routine with a candle that not only emanates soothing scents but also transforms into a sumptuous lotion oil for your skin once the wax has melted and the flame extinguished.


Burn Time: 50 Hours



🍋 **Lemongrass Scent Details:**

🌿 **Top Notes:** Fresh Citrus and Lime

💚 **Middle Notes:** Lemongrass

🍦 **Base Notes:** Vanilla and Sage Leaf

Embrace the invigorating Lemongrass scent. Fresh citrus and lime uplift your spirits while the soothing notes of lemongrass create a serene ambiance. The vanilla and sage leaf base notes add a touch of warmth to this refreshing fragrance.


Choose indulgence with our Paraffin-free, UV inhibitor-free, and cruelty-free fragrances. Each product is meticulously shrink-wrapped, promising a perfect experience

🍋🌿 #LemongrassSereneEscape #CitrusFreshness #InvigoratingScents



Lemongrass Body Lotion Wax candle 200g

  • R150.00 Flat rate on all orders less than 5kg in weight

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