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Midnight Magic Wooden Top  Diffuser 200ml

Discover the opulence of our 200ml Wooden Top Diffusers, an exquisite addition to your space. Unveil a world of scents, each carefully curated to transform your environment. With a playful design, these Wooden Top Diffusers seamlessly blend with any decor, elevating your surroundings to new heights.



🌙 **Midnight Magic Scent Details:**

💜 **Top Notes:** Lavender, Bergamot

🌸 **Middle Notes:** Geranium, Mild Spices, Musk

🍂 **Base Notes:** Tobacco, Patchouli


Experience the enchantment of Midnight Magic. Let the soothing lavender and bergamot top notes blend seamlessly with the rich and mysterious base notes of tobacco and patchouli. A captivating journey of aromas awaits.


Embrace the essence of luxury with our fragrance collection. What makes it even better? Our commitment to quality – our products are Paraffin-free, UV inhibitor-free, and never tested on animals. Each diffuser is meticulously shrink-wrapped, ensuring a perfect unboxing experience.


Elevate your ambiance with our Wooden Top Diffusers. Your journey to exquisite fragrances starts here. 🌟 #LuxuryScents #ElevateYourSpace #WoodenTopDiffusers 🌌 #MidnightMagic #MysticalScents

Midnight Magic Wooden Top Diffuser 200ml

  • R150.00 Flat rate on all orders less than 5kg in weight

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