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Milk & Honey Body/ Room Fragrance Mist 60ml

Introducing our Milk & Honey Body/Room Fragrance Mist 60ml, a delightful and refreshing scent that will uplift your senses.


Handmade with care, our body mists are made with high-quality ingredients and are not tested on animals, ensuring that they are both ethical and eco-friendly.


Our fragrances are all IFRA approved, guaranteeing their safety for use on your skin and in your room.


The Milk & Honey scent is a sweet and indulgent combination, perfect for a light and refreshing spritz throughout the day.


Bring the comforting aroma of Milk & Honey into your daily routine with our luxurious Body/Room Fragrance Mist.

Milk & Honey Body/ Room Fragrance Mist 60ml

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